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Bituminous tile of Armoshield
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Bituminous tile of Armoshield

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323.24 UAH
Country of manufacture:Belgium

Bituminous tile of Armoshield

The modified bitumen raises the technical characteristics of a tile surpassing the European quality standard of ENN 544.

The six-sided form of a tile of special structure when laying creates on a roof effect bee honeycombs that looks very organically on private country houses. The self-adhesive soft bituminous tile is intended for a covering of low buildings with a roof slope an inclination from 15 ° to 90 °. Glass-fiber reinforcing provides long service life of material, unreceptive to atmospheric influence.

Length (EN 544): 1000 mm(+/-3).
Width (EN 544): 318 mm(+/-3).
Weight (inclination>, 25 °): +/-9,2 kg/m?.
Area of an effective covering of 1 packing: 3 m?.
Tiles in packing: 22.
Packings on a pallet: 42.

Loss of granules (EN 12039): max 1,2 g.
Effort to a gap, longitudinal direction * (EN 12311-1): 1000 N/50 mm.
Effort to a gap, cross direction * (EN 12311-1): 700 N/50 mm.
Lengthening coefficient, it is longitudinal * (EN 12311-1): 3,5%.
Koeffitsiyet of lengthening, cross * (EN 12311-1): 3,5%.
Effort to a gap nail * (EN 12310-1): 160 N.
Resistance to wind (testing in the tunnel: inclination 10 °): up to 220 km/h.
Fire resistance: DIN 4102/7, PN-B-02872/1996, MSZ. 14800-11, BS 476/3, ZP-2/1991







Country of manufacture:Belgium
Information is up-to-date: 03.08.2018

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